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Website plans.

ASFAdmin, Sep 27, 10 4:44 AM.
Guild News Weekly

Another has joined the 80 Club! ME!!
so far we've got Me, Carn and Jack actively in the 80 club now. With spots still open in the farming group, We will discuss the groups tonight sometime. We will always welcome  new members into our group, just as long as you can sustain some amount of DPS, You'll be fine and Don't expect to tank or heal =P thats mine and carns job. unless you do gear yourself nicely.

On a more unfortunate note, we have lost a few of our ranks this week.. one of them being Mesemvria Our resident rogue, he went off in a storm of him yelling and screaming about PVP on our server, so I'm going to be the first to wish him well in his travels to other servers or even onto Horde side pvp of our own Hellfire.

Just a quick note guys, the site hasn't really got any proper styling to it yet, I am working on it Don't Worry.
If anyone has any news they would like to have featured on this website just contact me in game and I'll help you out ^-^
If anyone has any pictures don't hesitate to upload them in the gallery on the left of this news feed.

Weekly Guild News

ASFAdmin, Sep 23, 10 11:46 AM.
This week in the guild we've had quite an eventful week.

First of all as you can see, Carnation hit 80!!!! Big congratulations to him. This mean we are One more member closer to having a raiding team.

A group of us have been discussing a 5man team for heroic farming aswell, as of this minute we've got Myself, Dumbledot, Carnation, Jackxripper and Mesemvria.
If anyone is interested in joining up for this group just have a chat with us in game, send us a mail anything.
We're more than happy to have more than just us 5 as a reliable 5man farming team, the more of you that sign up to something like this means that we can gear people easier for when we hit a raiding team standard.

PTR 4.0.1

ASFAdmin, Sep 21, 10 10:59 AM.
If any of you have signed onto the PTR yet and have downloaded the client you'll have seen this but as I know, not too many of you have.

The New Launcher that blizzard has implemented as you can see has 3 segemnts now;
first you have the Setup segment, this is the proccess that you can't do anything during you just need to let it do it's thing but it's usually a small amount of data ~200mb.
The second segment is Available, This is the proccess you can play during but it will be laggy/unreliable and will usually take a while for you.
Third and finally step in this 3 step procedure is Playable... Yay! We can play during this proccess but the download hasnt fully finished.

Blizzard is hoping that this will prevent people from having to wait the entire download/install process.

What do you guys think of this and has anyone actually tried it out yet?

Cataclysm Pre Patch!

ASFAdmin, Sep 16, 10 6:46 AM.
Many of you logging on this morning will notice something that can only mean great things, data for the next patch is avaiable for download at the bottom of your Launcher!

For anyone who uses it, the PTR is live and available to play with the new talents and game changes, unfortunatly nothing has happened to the world just yet, no changes that will come with cataclysm such as New Areas, Level 85.

But with the release of the PTR means were just round the corner from patch 4.0.1 which also means we're mere months away from Cataclysm If anyone was around during BC the 3.0 patch hit just 2 months before WotLK came out, heres hoping thats the same case with this patch!

Happy Hunting everyone!

New ranking system in place in the Cata Beta.

ASFAdmin, Sep 15, 10 9:59 AM.
guild feature
The Cataclysm beta currently features a Requires Authenticator checkbox in the guild controls for each rank in a guild. Once activated for a rank, you cannot promote someone to that rank unless he or she is using an authenticator. At this time, the highest rank below Guild Master defaults to Requires Authenticator's being checked, and all other ranks default to its being off.

This is a much more reliable tool than making members show their Core Hound Pup in order to get guild bank privileges, which was really the only way to verify authenticator use before. Of course, this is the beta, and that means the functionality may change drastically before making it to live, if it does. I predict, however, that Blizzard will try its very best to release this setting, as its use should reduce time spent recovering stolen bank items.

Guild leaders, will you use this feature? Guild officers, what is your opinion of this change?
Do you guys think this is a good idea? think we should implement it? This will have to be dicussed closer to the time

Welcome to the site guys! Use this as a referance place for all things related to Alliance Special Forces, EU Hellfire.

No shouts have been added yet.

We are recruiting anyone who would like to apply, looking at high 60's and above so that we can start to turn towards a raid team.
We have 3/10 at the moment, High connections with PTProject means that we wont have to PuG too many 'newb' radiers.
Hope to see you online soon!
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